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vision on investing

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Investment Principles

We focus on Climate Impact in sectors which have the highest positive lasting impact on climate: electricity system, transportation, built environment and decarbonising industry.

Choosing Winners

  • Strong management teams
  • EUR 5m – 30m investment tickets
  • Skew investments to the winners 

Clear Risk Profile

  • Revenues over EUR 2m, proven business model
  • Established product and/or technology with existing customers
  • Leading company (top 5 in its segment)
  • Relevant product not commoditised
  • Operationally profitable, or at least near profitability (within 12-18 months)

Sufficient Governance

  • 20% - 70% stakes
  • Sufficiently strong governance rights
  • Northwest European headquarters

High Impact Potential

  • Over 15% organic revenue growth per annum
  • Creating Impact needs to be part of the DNA of the company
  • Ability to be price competitive to reach a wider audience and make their products mainstream
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Supportive approach

At SevenGen, we have a well-defined philosophy for creating value in our portfolio companies. Our approach is practical and result-oriented, ensuring that our investments are set up for long-term growth and success.

Supportive partnerships

We work together with management teams to create a strategic plan, setting both long-term goals as well as short term targets.

Facilitate Growth

We believe in putting processes in place and implementing improvement plans, to help our fast-growing portfolio companies operate efficiently and embrace digitalization.

Strengthen teams

Having the right team is vital for success and continuous growth. We assist in forming high-performing teams, bolstering management lineup, and bringing on board members with relevant industry insights and expertise tailored to your strategy's execution and implementation challenges.

Pursue growth initiatives

We prioritize growth, collaborating closely with our portfolio companies to explore international market opportunities, which may involve strategic expansion or acquisitions for wider reach and sustainable growth.

Disciplined usage of debt

We emphasize disciplined financial management, assisting our portfolio companies in responsible debt market usage for operational flexibility and financial stability.

Keep track

Transparency and accountability are key in our relationships. We closely monitor our portfolio companies, tracking financial, impact, and operational metrics to make informed decisions and adapt strategies timely and effectively.

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